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11 Old Court, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 2TS

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I have been a photographer since I left school. I joined my father in his photographic business then known as Gerald Cooper Photography. I joined as a salesman, not a photographer, a businessman to build my fatherís business. My mother said to me ďI donít know why you want to come into this business there is not much money being made hereĒ. I went out and spoke to brides and venues that could/would hold wedding functions and soon built up contacts for to work from. I expanded the business to such an extent, we were able to buy Hampton Hill Studios in Hampton Hill High Street, Middlesex, Tw12 1NH in September 1990. We were covering 263 weddings a year which equates to appx. 10 weddings a Saturday in the summer months. The turnover was £500,000.00 pa. We had a fleet of Rolls Royce Cars to use in the business and employed 16 freelance staff and 5 full time staff.

We have since closed our high street business due to the change in market conditions and the digital revolution.

I am still taking weddings and working from my home in Ashtead as a fully fledged photographer.

I can help you in all aspects of photography you may require.

I look forward to hearing from you.