Hampton Hill Studios 1990-2007

Paul Cooper Partner since 1990

Lodge Courageous Coulsdon Court Hotel Saturday 5th October 2013


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Michael Bluble Tribute Evening Shepperton Holiday Inn 27th September 2013

Clive’s 50th Birthday Celebrations 13th September 2013

A London Wedding at the Guoman Tower Hotel September 2013

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Carol and Roger Wedding 7th September 2013

Gladys and Joseph Wedding 28th July 2013

Graduation Day Nottingham July 2013

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Family Portrait Hampton 20th July 2013

Disco Mania Shepperton Moat House 28/06/13

Hampton Academy Year 11 Celebration Assembly 2013 27.06.2013




Wedding 18th May Petersham Hotel Richmond upon Thames No.1712

Disco Mania Holiday Inn Shepperton Friday 17th May 2013

Anjali and Nityanand Rao 30th Wedding Anniversary 27th April 2013 Ashtead


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Mayors Civic Reception HG Wells Centre Woking 26th April 2013

Mayor of Kingston’s Charity Ball Warren House Friday 19th April 2013

HG Wells Mayor of Woking Charity Ball 2nd March 2013


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Lodge Loyally No.9 10th November 2012

Alvering Lodge 27th November 2012

Upper Thames Ladies Festival Saturday 20th October 2012 Beaumont Estate, Windsor

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Men’s Olympic Cycling B0x Hill Saturday 28th July 2012

Alvering Lodge 5th November 2011

Hampton Academy Celebration of Achievement Class of 2012 12.11.2102

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Hampton Academy 28th June 2012

 Woking Civic Reception Saturday 27th April 2012

21st Birthday Party Prince Regent Hotel 4th August 2012

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Hampton Academy Prom 28th June 2012

Lisney 30th September 2011

Anton du Beke at The Heathrow Park Hotel

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Holiday sample.jpg

The Countess of Wessex

Peter 26th Novemember 2011

Upper Thames Lodge 22nd October 2011

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Hampton Academy Sample.jpg

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Hampton Academy Prom 30th June 2011

Class of 2011 Hampton Academy

Father Henry 1st Communion 26th June 2011

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St Gregory’s Sunday 10.06.12

Hpt. Academy Rec. Of Achieve28th June 2011

HG Wells 3rd March 2012

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Teddington Swimming Club

Diploma  Award Ceremony Knapp Gallery 14th July 2012  London